Aviator Hockey Club Parent/guardian Consent Form

Parent Consent Form

MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • We/I affirm that the minor indicated above is my child and I have legal custody over him. I give my full authorization and consent for my child to live with the Billet Parents.

  • We/I give the Billet Parents permission to act in my place with regards to my child’s educational activities including, but not limited to, permission to participate in activities and consent for medical treatment at school.

  • We/I give the Billet Parents permission to authorize EMERGENCY medical and dental care for my child, including, but not limited to, medical examinations, X-rays, tests, anesthetic, surgical operations, hospital care or other treatments that, in the Billet Parents’ sole opinion, are needed for my child. Such medical treatment shall only be provided upon the advice of, and supervision by, a physician, surgeon or dentist or other medical practitioner licensed to practice in the United States. We/I must be notified within a reasonable timeframe of such emergency medical decisions.

  • We/I acknowledge that the Billet Parents may terminate their relationship with my child if my child violates any aspect of the Player Billet Agreement or my child fails to maintain the academic standards set forth by the school and/or the standards of the Hitmen program.

  • We/I acknowledge that I/we remain responsible for my child’s medical and ordinary expenses while my child resides with the Billet Parents. Failure to pay necessary expenses is grounds for my child to be terminated from the Hitmen program and to be evicted from the Billet program.

  • We/I hereby waive the Billet Parents from any liability stemming from my child’s stay with the Billet Parents.

  • We/I acknowledge that this authorization shall cover the period during which my child resides with the Billet Parents at the Property.


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