Aviator Hockey Club Player Billet Agreement

Billet Agreement

  • Curfew. The Player shall have a nightly curfew of 11pm unless the Player is traveling with the team on road trip or is on a designated break from the Jersey Hitmen. In the event that the Player will be returning from a road trip after 11pm, the Player will provide advance notice to the Family of the Player’s anticipated time of arrival.

  • Social Behavior. The Player is expected to respect the Family’s Home and family members and to honor any general house rules. It is expected that the Player will maintain the cleanliness of their room and all common areas, wash their own clothes and respect the wishes of the Family. The Player will obtain permission from the Family before the Player invites any guests to the Family’s Home.

  • Smoking and Alcohol. The possession or consumption of alcohol, tobacco or any illegal substances is strictly prohibited from the Family’s Home or Property.

  • Internet. The Player may not use the Family’s Internet connection to view or download any pornography or to engage in or solicit any illegal or criminal conduct, including online gambling.

  • Social Media. The Player will not post any content about the Family, including the address of the Family’s Home, on any social media or Internet websites.

  • Reporting Grievances. Any issues or problems with the Family by the Player must be reported immediately to the Billet Coordinator and General Manager. In the event of an emergency, the Player is instructed to contact the Police and then contact the Billet Coordinator and General Manager.

  • Indemnity. The Player will hold harmless and indemnify the Family of any liability stemming from the Player’s actions while billeting at the Family’s Home.

  • Landlord/Tenant Relationship. The Player acknowledges and agrees that residing at the Family’s Home does not create a Landlord/Tenant relationship.

  • Violations. The Player acknowledges that any violations of this Agreement can result in the immediate expulsion of the Player from the Family’s Home and/or from the Jersey Hitmen program. In the event of loss of housing due to violation of the agreed upon rules, it will become the responsibility of the Player(s) to secure their own housing alternative at their own expense.

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