Ryan Marker


Originally from Sewell, New Jersey, Ryan Marker joins the Aviators after embarking on a notable hockey journey that took him through various leagues and cities, leaving an indelible mark on each team he represented. Beginning with his formative years in junior hockey, Marker’s dedication and talent flourished as he played for teams such as the New Jersey Hitmen and the Philadelphia Revolution.

Transitioning to the professional ranks, Marker showcased his versatility and scoring prowess across multiple leagues. He made significant contributions to teams in the Federal Prospects Hockey League (FPHL), including the Danville Dashers, Delaware Thunder, and the Watertown Wolves.

His journey continued in the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL), where he donned the jerseys of the Reading Royals, further solidifying his reputation as a dependable player.

Marker’s impact extended to the Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL), where he suited up for the Evansville Thunderbolts, continuing to excel and contribute to his team’s success.

Throughout his career, Marker’s statistics spoke volumes about his consistency and skill. With over 200 goals and 400 points amassed across various leagues, Marker’s scoring prowess and offensive contributions were undeniable, averaging over a point per game throughout his professional career.

Now, assuming the pivotal role of Head Scout for the Brooklyn Aviators, Marker draws upon his diverse experiences to identify promising talent and shape the future of the team.


Head Scout